The History of the Brewery

The brewery is housed in a 200-year-old Laithe; a Yorkshire term, derived from Old Norse, for a barn or agricultural building. It was used for storing hay and sheltering cattle until it was converted.

Along with improvements to the building, a 150-foot borehole was drilled to tap in to the excellent brewing quality water below. In addition, and uniquely, a reed bed was constructed to deal with the brewery waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Originally called Wharfedale Brewery, the site was opened by the Duke of Kent KG on the 3rd December 2003. Unfortunately brewing ceased in 2007 and the brewery closed.

By December 2007 the brewery had been bought by the present owners Richard and Carole Eyton-Jones. The renamed Dark Horse Brewery started brewing again in May 2008 with new equipment and a greater capacity that allows 15,000 pints per week to be produced.

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